Hostel Accommodation Facility


It is rewarding for the institute to establish living facilities to the students under its supervision and care. Authorities and wardens are doing their best to achieve the objectives. We are committed for significant facilities, improvements which will allow our students who have great potential for success not only in the professional achievements but in life. Institution hostels are built upon the principles of professionalism, caring and mutual respect to the students. During the stay in the hostels, they maintain high standards of professional ethical values and for development of personal relationship which provides them best grooming facilities to fulfill our mission.

Hostel accommodation is available on first come first serve basis. The premises of male and female hostels are separate and are directly looked after by male and female wardens respectively. It is necessary for the hostel residents to observe and adhere to Islamic values and hostel rules and regulations. The students who are desirous of hostel accommodation have to apply at the time of college admission on prescribed forms provided with the booklet.

We pray to Almighty Allah to give us courage to serve for the better future of the students. Ameen.

Introduction to the Facility:

Hostels are situated in Gulrez. These are beautiful buildings having spacious rooms with clean and airy atmosphere. Living rooms have double occupancy. Every student is provided with a bed, a study table, a chair and a cupboard. It has beautiful lawn/terrace for students to sit and relax. It has a common room, TV room and a dining room in addition to the living room. Each room is provided with the facility of attached bath. There is also a prayer room for the students where they perform other religious activities. The warden strictly supervises the messing system and cleanliness of hostels. In case of emergency, medical treatment is provided. Shopping trips for the students are arranged to different shopping places weekly under the supervision of the hostel warden. Telephone facility is also provided to the students in the hostel. Strict security measures for the girls hostel are insured and guards are available round the clock. 

There is arrangement of games like Table Tennis and Badminton for the students. No student can leave the hostel without prior permission from the hostel warden and submission of an application. Only the persons, mentioned by the parents or guardians of the students, in the application form, are allowed to visit the students. The hostel rules and regulation are to be solemnly abided by the students.