Editorial Board

Margalla Institute of Health Sciences produces two publications; a quarterly newsletter, MIHS Chronicles and Healers/Al Shaafi a bilingual annual magazine in order to promote the creative and communicative aspects of learning and provision of a platform for communication and presentation of ideas of students. These publications are prepared and produced by the dedicated student editorial board under the guidance and encouragement of the experienced faculty editorial board.

Literary Society

The literary society is aimed at enhancing and polishing the literary and creative talents of students. Events like debates, elocutions, baitbaazi etc. along with discussions on literary subjects are held at regular basis in order to broaden the horizon of students and strengthening their literary roots.

Media Society

This society consists of handpicked students with natural talent in fields of media and communication. The job of this society is to cover the events and happenings at MIHS and provide media support for university publications and data bank.

Poster Contests

Poster contests are a regular activity of the college and are arranged among students from all year. Students are encouraged to make posters which reflect their intelligence, hard work and keen interest for learning. A diverse range of topics is covered in an easy and interesting way, which can be described as a novel way of learning.


Seminars are always a part of special academic activities in any teaching institution by which detailed, comprehensive and the most up-to-date knowledge is transferred to the students. Seminars are arranged within the college in which students present their papers on clinical and non-clinical topics of primary importance. Such seminars are held at regular intervals.

Extracurricular Activities

Sports Club

Sports club is an organization headed by a senior member of the teaching faculty. Tournaments if table tennis, badminton and cricket are arranged periodically.

The institute is also making arrangements to provide the students with facilities of a gymnasium and a swimming pool. Negotiations are underway with the National Sports Stadium, Islamabad to establish a contract with a special package for the students of MIHS, Islamabad.