Recognized by PM&DC || Affiliated with University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore

Brief Introduction

Margalla College of Dentistry (MCD)

Margalla Collage of Dentistry comprises all the basic facilities required for an efficient teaching and training of B.D.S students. It has well experienced and highly qualified teaching staff, a great number of which holds foreign qualification in the respective field of dentistry.

All basic scientific instruments and equipment are available to the students for learning the basic techniques. A new academic block has recently been constructed which is duly equipped with all necessary basic amenities like Audio-Visual Aids, Multimedia, Projectors, etc.

A well equipped digital library with internet and HEC e-library portal facility has also been working, providing access to the students for information regarding the latest development taking place around the globe. Library comprising of over 4500 Books is also functioning which posses the latest editions of the many books, besides reference books, journals, and magazine are maintained and updated from time to time.


    Message from the Principal

    With the advent of innovative new technologies and ideas, the field of dentistry continues to expand / grow at unprecedented rates posing new and exciting challenge to students and practitioners worldwide.

    The task of educating the upcoming generation of dentists as per the standards exercised worldwide thus falls on the shoulder of dental educationists who must brace themselves to take up the huge challenge in line with the potential that it carries. Keeping such challenges in mind, the Margalla College of Dentistry remains committed to providing its students with an environment that successfully enables them to work as the top-notch dental practitioner of the future.

    We proudly boast a highly qualified faculty belonging to diverse background thus providing our graduates with practical insight into the field of dentistry. Our graduates have continued to make us proud by securing top university positions over the years and with a commitment to upholding quality, we wish to continue this tradition.

    My best wishes and prayers for you all.

      4 years Course Outline for Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

      1st Professional2nd Professional3rd Professional4th Professional
      AnatomyGeneral PathologyOral PathologyProsthodontics
      PhysiologyCommunity DentistryMedicineOral Surgery
      Oral BiologyScience of Dental MaterialsSurgeryOperative Dentistry
      Islamiyat & Pak StudiesBehavioral SciencesOral Medicine
      Oral Surgery