Students Affair

Proctorial Board


Committing the following acts within the college, hospital or hostel premises will warrant a strict disciplinary action against the defaulters.

+ Submitting false evidence

+ Stealing

+ Willful destruction of equipment, furnishings.

+ Physical violence against other students, faculty members, staff or patients.

+ Ragging, fooling the students anywhere.

+ Use of prohibited drugs

+ Possession of fire arms and crackers in the college or hostel campus.

+ Violation of basic human rights.

+ Organizing/creating civil disturbance.

+ Non-payment of tuition and other fees/dues.

+ Protracted absence without permission from lectures, clinical duties and the inability to cope with the curriculum.

+ Smoking within the college or hospital premises.

+ Displaying and disseminating partisan, political pamphlets, CDs or circulars etc anywhere

Any student violating the discipline will be pertinently fined in addition to other disciplinary actions.