Admission Procedure

  1. Application for admission in the hostel will be submitted on prescribed forms available in the rules booklet and can also be downloaded from the downloads section on the left.
  2. Three passport size photographs are required.
  3. Only regular students of the college will be eligible for hostel admission.
  4. The hostel management has the right to refuse/cancel admission to any student in the hostel.


  1. Application will be made at the time of admission on the prescribed form.
  2. Every student has to deposit the hostel fee (inclusive of mess fee), one quarter in advance, which is not refunded in any case.
  3. Students are not allowed to leave the premises of the hostel without warden’s permission and without guardians / guard.
  4. Heavy amount of money or other valuable items like gold etc are not to be kept in the hostel, otherwise hostel staff and authorities will not be responsible for any such loss.
  5. Visitors (Parents) are allowed only in the visiting area after the permission of the hostel warden on the specific days fixed for the purpose. Visitors should never enter in residential areas.
  6. No guest is allowed to stay in the hostel during the night except real mother / sister, that too, with the prior permission from warden after payment in advance.
  7. Any student desirous of spending weekend at home / guardian’s home will be permitted only by the Principal on submission of proper application routed through Warden, duly authorized by the Parents / Guardians.