General Rules

  1. All the students who are out of hostel will ensure their presence in the hostel before Maghrib Prayer positively. There will be attendance register placed in the hostel and daily attendance will be marked at Magrib time.
  2. No visitor is allowed after Maghrib time in the hostel.
  3. No student is allowed to stay in the hostel during college time except when sick. It will be the responsibility of warden to take a look and in case of illness, doctor from the college will be requested to examine the student and give him/her treatment. However, his /her leave application will be sent to the principal/ class teacher for information through the hostel incharge of MIHS.
  4. Students are not allowed to play C.D players, Radio and T.V in the rooms; however they can use it in common room, lawn or terrace and the volume must be kept low or use earphone so that other students may be able to study or sleep with comfort.
  5. If any student for any genuine reason wants to come back to the hostel from college during college timings he or she will have to take written permission from the Principal which will be provided to the warden.
  6. Girl students are not allowed to leave the hostel premises without warden’s permission and without authorized person / guard.
  7. All those students residing in the hostel are not allowed to keep valuable items and cash in the hostel. The residents must take care of all their belongings and any loss or damage by way of theft or otherwise shall not be the responsibility of hostel authorities.
  8. Mess crockery may not be taken to the rooms and food will be served only in the dining hall as per schedule.
  9. No student is allowed to enter the kitchen except in case of urgency with the permission of hostel warden. However there is refrigerator for the students to place their personal food items.
  10. All the electrical and gas appliances must be switched off before leaving the room or when not in use. It is in the greater interest of students themselves because all the expenses are ultimately divided upon the students. In order to curtail the expenses all of us including hostel staff must control the wastage of energy as well as food.
  11. Timing for Visitors:Only Parents / Guardians or the persons allowed in writing by the parents can visit in the visiting area after getting permission from the hostel warden on the following days i.e. Saturdays & Sundays. In order to avoid disturbance the visitors will not be allowed to enter in residential areas:
    Winter Timings:
    Saturday:       9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Sunday :        9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Summer Timings:
    Saturday:       9:00 AM to 1:00 PM & 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
    Sunday:         9:00 AM to 1:00 PM & 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
    In case of emergencies during week days they can visit their wards with the written permission of the warden/ provost.
  12. No guest / parents / guardian are allowed to stay in hostel for night. However real mother and real sister in case of girls hostels and real father / real brother in case of boys hostel are allowed to stay in the hostels on the payment of Rs 500/- per day if the accommodation is available.
  13. All the students are required to behave properly with hostel fellows and the hostel staff.
  14. Any student desirous of spending weekend at home / guardian’s home will be permitted only by the provost on submission of application through Warden and duly authorized by the Parents/ Guardians.
  15. No student can go to market except on Saturday/ Sunday. In case of emergency they can be allowed by the Provost/ Warden and will go under the supervision of security guard in case of girls students.
  16. Electrical appliances like Electric kettle, toaster etc are strictly prohibited in hostel premises. Violators shall be fined and the appliances shall be confiscated.
  17. Hostel fee will be charged according to fee criteria defined by the management and will not be refundable. As per rules one year advance residential fee will be charged at the time of admission in the hostel. Mess charged advance for three months will be paid by the students. There will be a rebate of 30% mess charges if a student will remain absent from the hostel for one full week or more. The students will be required to inform in writing of his/ her leave to the warden in advance.
  18. If a student wants to leave the hostel seat after a year, should inform at least two months prior to the completion of the academic year duly signed by the parents.
  19. The institution has the right to revise the fee and other charges at any time.
  20. If any student wants to keep frig or air conditioner he/ she will be charged extra charges fixed by the hostel administration.
  21. Students desirous to leave on weekends will enter their names in register on Friday evening. The week is defined as from Monday to Sunday. Female students can only go out of the hostel with authorized person after their identification. Alone travelling permission is only for home station.
  22. Any student not arriving back in the hostel on termination of leave will be marked absent in the attendance register and will be reported to hostel and college authorities in writing. Student arriving back from leave will first inform the hostel warden and then go to their rooms.
  23. Any sort of political activity is not allowed in the hostels. No function can be arranged in the hostel without prior permission of the authorities.
  24. No religious ceremony likely to injure the feelings of other resident students shall be performed in the hostels.
  25. It is the duty of each residing student in the hostel to keep their rooms clean and everything should be arranged properly.
  26. The television and Internet facility is available in all the hostels.
  27. The following facilities are also provided in the hostels:
    (a)  Refrigerators.
    (b)  Deep Freezers.
    (c)  Washing Machines (only in girls hostels).
  28. A limited sports facilities will be provided to the resident students of the hostels.